The beauty of the irrational – escape with running

“I think generally we always question ourselves, we always feel like we’ve got to be rational about things instead of just actually doing it for pure enjoyment and for our gut feel”

– Ryan Sandes

Here at SportPursuit, we have a soft spot for inspiring videos of people getting outside and seeking adventure on their own terms.

This video follows South African ultra-runner Ryan Sandes as he runs up and across the Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail in Namibia. For a little perspective, this 84km route is usually hiked over 5 days. Sandes completed the run in an astonishing 6 hours 57 minutes!

The epic scenery and inspiring narrative capture the raw beauty of running through wild landscapes with no ‘rational’ reason apart from the simple desire to.  Whatever your activity of choice, this video won’t fail in leaving you inspired!