Impossible? World’s first triple backflip on a mountain bike

Following on from last week, the battle of the best biking videos continues at SportPursuit HQ.  This week’s mind-blowing mountain biking video comes courtesy of our resident graphic design guru, Gareth.  If you think landing a single backflip is hard, wait till you see a triple backflip executed (on a mountain bike nonetheless) flawlessly.

This is a monumental achievement as Gavin Godfrey and Ethen Roberts are the first two riders to ever land triple backflips on mountain bikes.  Fun fact: the triple backflip is such a difficult trick to pull off that it was once thought to be impossible.

Reflecting just how challenging it is to execute such a trick, this video shows numerous failed attempts by both riders in the buildup to them finally nailing it.  It’s a great moment to witness on camera.  Hats (and helmets) off to these daredevils.

If you missed the previous two videos in our battle of the best biking videos, here’s last week’s BMX video that is too good to miss and from the week before, road biking, but not as you remember

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