A BMX video that is too good to miss

It seems like a battle of the best biking videos is currently taking place at SportPursuit HQ. After last week’s epic road biking recommendation from customer service champion Ben, Chris from the merchandising team has brought this rather brilliant BMX stunt video to the office’s attention.

Featuring Liverpool-born professional BMXer Harry Main, the aptly titled “HARRYMAINIA 2” features Harry Main showing off his jaw-dropping BMX skills at a variety of skate parks. His technical trick combos and impressive agility on the bike are a sight to behold. Not surprisingly, he’s considered by many as one of the best BMXers in the world.

No matter what variety of biking/cycling that you’re into, we’re pretty sure you will appreciate the bicycle gymnastic mastery in this vid. Happy Friday everybody and have a great bank holiday weekend.

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