A Must Watch Short Film: North of the Sun


A couple of us recently went along to the Banff Mountain Film Festival which is currently touring the UK. It was an incredible evening and a must visit for any city dwelling adventurer.

All the films were unique and life affirming from MTB tomfoolery in stunning New Zealand landscapes to a 90 year old lady who has been recording Mt Everest climbs for over 50 years.

But one film stood out from them all and was deservedly the Grand Prize winner of the festival.

The Grand Prize Winner – North of the Sun 

North of the Sun is a story about 2 Norwegian boys, Jørn Ranum (22) & Inge Wegge (25), who discover a remote beach in Arctic Norway and decide to spend the winter there – surfing and living off the land for 9 months.

While the underlying messages of the film are weighty, the film itself is lighthearted and full of joy. The boy’s passion for life and adventure is infectious and heartwarming. We’re not sure what’s more ingenious (read crazy) – building a shelter (complete with an oil-drum stove) entirely from beach debris or jumping into sub zero waters to go for a surf.

Already a hit among the surfing crowd, you don’t need to have picked up a surfboard in your life to enjoy this short film.

Charming,  enchanting, delightful and pure escapism – watch the preview below or rent the video for $4.99. Believe us, it is worth it.