Product Profile – Beet IT SPORT – Concentrated Beetroot Juice Shots!

Here at SportPursuit, we understand the importance of good nutrition as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.  In an ideal world, we would probably prepare everything from scratch, but practicality tends to get in the way.  Amongst the hustle and bustle of modern life, we appreciate products that offer good nutrition on the go.  Always on the hunt for nutritional products that can offer an extra edge during both training and participating, we’re currently excited about the benefits that beetroot juice can bring.  If you’re looking for something to add to your nutritional arsenal, Beet It just might be the biggest secret you need to know about.

Beet It are the UK’s first producers of beetroot juice and their juices are all natural.  What’s the big deal about beetroot juice?  The biggest benefit is that beetroot juice is a natural source of dietary nitrate.  What does that mean?  Without getting too scientific on you, when dietary nitrate mixes with saliva, it releases nitrites and subsequently nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide does a number of things – it regulates blood pressure, helps keep blood flowing to specific organs, enhances stamina by increasing efficiency of oxygen usage and even helps fight against infections.

For those that don’t fancy an entire bottle of beetroot juice, the Beet IT SPORT shots offer a specific 0.4g dose of nitrate in just a 70ml shot – so you can get the same benefits with less liquid. Beet IT SPORT shots  are a mixture of 98% beetroot juice  cut with 2% lemon juice to reduce the  overwhelmingly sweet taste.

If all these benefits sound too good to be true, they are backed by numerous articles and research.  A study at Exeter University on 15 men found that cyclists who consumed half a litre of beetroot juice several hours before beginning their ride were able to ride up to 20% longer than those who consumed a placebo in the form of blackcurrant juice.  Furthermore, studies conducted in the UK and US have found beetroot to be effective in lowering blood pressure.


Thanks to its proven health and performance benefits, Beet It has been adopted by numerous elite athletes for their nutrition regimes including cyclists, gymnasts, swimmers, rowers and climbers.  Whether you’re an elite or everyday athlete, it might be time to get Beet It in your diet and start reaping the benefits.  Beet It is on sale at SportPursuit for the next 7 days.  Click here to visit the sale.