#beetyourpb Win Beet It Sports Flapjacks from SportPursuit!

To celebrate our current Beet It sale, we’re giving away some of their newly released flapjacks to lucky members of the SportPursuit community!

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As many of you might already know, SportPursuit are big fans of Beet It’s beetroot juices and sport shots.  We also love finding new and exciting products to introduce to our community.  What you likely don’t know is that Beet It have recently released an exciting new addition to their product range – Beet It Sports Flapjacks.  These flapjacks have been developed to fuel your body whilst also tasting great.  With Beet It’s new flapjacks, you can get the benefits of consuming beetroot with a less intense taste than the shots.  Great as a source of energy whilst on the go, Beet It’s individually wrapped flapjacks are a quick way to get a nutritional boost.  Each flapjack is 50% oats (an optimum source for slow releasing energy) and contains 0.4g of natural dietary nitrate.   The beauty of dietary nitrate is when it converts to nitric oxide in the body.  Nitric oxide does a number of things including regulating blood pressure and enhancing stamina by increasing efficiency of oxygen usage.

If you want to be in with a chance to win yourself some flapjacks, it’s quick and easy to enter.  Just hit the tweet button at the top or bottom of this post to share over Twitter!  We will announce the winners next Monday.

Top image credit: Anita Ritenour – Flickr Creative Commons

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