Mountain biking on a SLACKLINE

Check out this epic video of Kenny Belaey riding his trials bike along an 18m-long slackline, 112m above a gorge at an altitude of 2,700m.

No chain? No problem! Downhill biker wins MTB World cup with no chain!

Check out this nail-biting video of American downhill superstar Aaron Gwin racing to victory in Leogang, Austria .. without a chain on his bike. Despite snapping the chain upon his first pedal stroke, Gwin still managed to expertly weave his way around the course and win the race. Now that’s some serious skill!

Impossible? World’s first triple backflip on a mountain bike

Following on from last week, the battle of the best biking videos continues at SportPursuit HQ.  This week’s mind-blowing mountain biking video comes courtesy of our resident graphic design guru, Gareth.  If you think landing a single backflip is hard, wait till you see a triple backflip executed (on a mountain bike nonetheless) flawlessly. This…