Harder Than You Think – Alpine Snowboarding

It’s easy to think of snowboarders these days as crazed stuntmen; attempting ridiculous tricks in the snowpark or leaping off enormous cliffs in the back-country. Yet the original form of snowboarding – the first logical step after the much revered monoski – was carving down the mountain on asymmetrical ‘alpine’ boards, swooping low and hard through turns….

Paper Shredder – A Stop Animation Snowboard Film

Starting to get a little weary of Harlem Shake videos from everyone and his dog, Paul & Stephen Gemignani have saved our collective psyche from viral overload. In fairness to the lads, creating this video was no small task. As Stephen explains: “We started with actual sequence photos of Paul riding. Then we printed each…

Kitesurfing in Hurricane Sandy

While most would most people would head indoors and lock up the shutters at the first sign of a hurricane, some see it as more of an opportunity than threat.  Professional kitesurfer Damien Leroy took to the water with no fear for what one could describe as perfect condition for kitesurfing… if you have balls of steel….

Alastair Humphreys Atlantic Crossing

Three of his friends and the incredible adventurer Alistair Humphreys just completed their epic mission of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Check out the video of their inspiring adventure with all its highs and lows. Follow all of Alistair Humphreys Atlantic crossing adventures here: http://www.alastairhumphreys.com/

Escape & Experience Freedom

Another tantalising video from Infinity List and Betty Wants In has transported us from our desks to a dream like world that is “Experience Freedom.” If you have a few minutes to yourself today and want to escape, this is perfect medicine.  

Death Defying Sports

Garrett Macnamara now holds the record for the largest wave ever surfed after completing a ride on a 90ft monster of the North coast of Portugal (Watch the video here). The coastline is home to a deep-water canyon that funnels large swells from the Atlantic Ocean; creating record-breaking waves such as the one McNamara rode….

Frenchman to embark on Pacific challenge

A 47-year-old man from France is planning to become the first man in history to swim across the Pacific Ocean, having already been the first person to swim across the Atlantic without any flotation devices in 1998. Benoit Lecomte will set off from Choshi in Japan next spring on a voyage which will mean he…

British runner aiming for 1,000 marathons

The thought of training, taking part and finishing a marathon is enough to make anyone feel a bit queasy. To run 26.2 miles is a tremendous feat, and takes an awful lot of time and preparation in order to complete it. Now imagine completing 700 of them….that’s right, 700! One man from Breaston has achieved…

100-year-old man proves age is not a hindrance

A 100-year-old man has recently finished a four and a half kilometre run, having completed his first marathon at the late age of 89! Fauja Singh, an Indian born Sikh from London completed the event in around 40 minutes, having just last month finished the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in just over eight hours alongside a…

World Record narrowly missed at Frankfurt Marathon

Imagine running for 26 miles and 385 yards for over a period of two hours, only to find that you’ve missed out on the coveted World Record by just four seconds! Well, believe it or not, this is exactly what happened to Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang over the weekend in the Frankfurt Marathon. The race, held…

The New 5* Holiday

  London has seen a steep drop in temperature early this week and I seem to be hearing phrases similar to: “What I’d to for 2 weeks in the Maldives” or “Lets spend New Years in the Caribbean.” Now I am all for escaping the claustrophobia of our respective cities, but the implication is to…