#NewPursuits – Digme Fitness RIDE

0 The SportPursuit team are on a mission to boost our motivation and performance through the winter training period by testing exciting new activities and classes. We’ve taken on holistic mind and body yoga, a circuits class mixed with indoor climbing, and a workout on skis. For the next challenge we teamed up with fitness…

Dirty Duathlons

0 Nik Cook gives you the low down on off-road duathlons and why they should be part of your autumn and winter racing schedule.  This article was first published on 28th September 2016 and is a feature piece from Totally Active. Who are they for? Anyone from experienced triathletes looking for a competitive outlet through the…

Afan Welsh Gravity Enduro Mash-Up

0 A freelance journalist and sponsored rider, polymath cyclist Juliet Elliott loves exploring every corner of the cycling world. Throwing herself into every challenge she finds upon her journey, Juliet’s never happier than when on two wheels. In this feature from Totally Active, Juliet Elliott experiences the thrills and spills of Enduro mountain bike racing….

The World’s First Nothing Front Bike Flip

0 Check out this epic video of R Willy from Nitro Circus pulling off a no handed BMX front bike flip. From the archive: this post was originally published on the SportPursuit blog 20th November 2015.

How’s this for a bike-friendly office space?

0 SRAM Headquarters was captured in action over the course of one day with employees providing their perspective on their new Perkins+Will designed workplace. This is “One Day at SRAM” – their space, their story. This post was originally published on 9th September 2016.

Nigel Sylvester and his BMX hit LA

0 Pro BMX rider Nigel Sylvester presents the second installment of his series, Go! Moving on from New York City to Los Angeles, Nigel gives a true, up close and personal experience of what riding his bike is really like.

A seriously intense onboard video from the Tour de France

0 Thanks to the use of onboard cameras, this video from Team Katusha of stage 5 of the Tour de France gets up close and personal, showing the real cycling as it is. Amongst other things, there’s rain, crashes, mechanics work, team spirit and a massive sprint. This is one intense onboard video. Get in…

Daredevil cyclist rides VERTICAL cliff face in Arizona!

0 Riding Sedona’s White Line trail allows for absolutely zero margin of error. Just watching this drone footage of Polish downhill pro Michael Kollbek working his magic makes our palms sweaty and our knees weak. If you don’t like heights, might as well look away now!

Now that’s what we’d call a tight corner

0 SportPursuit cyclists, we’re sure that more than a few of you have had to deal with some tricky bends in the road during your bike rides. Whether you have been successful or unsuccessful in your own attempts to ride the bend, we’re sure you’re going to appreciate the sweet riding in this week’s video….

Essential reading: 10 best road cycling books every cyclist should read

0 After the popularity of last week’s 8 greatest cycling documentaries ever made, we thought it would be only fair to give cycling books the same treatment. With some help from the SportPursuit community (thanks everybody!) and some biking bookworms at SportPursuit HQ, we’ve streamlined the eclectic variety of recommendations received into our list of…

Danny MacAskill doing the impossible yet again

0 This week’s video features death-defying trials cyclist Danny MacAskill returning to his native Isle of Skye showcasing his climbing, jumping and hopping in some stunningly beautiful surroundings.  It’s also the first video featuring Danny showing off his skills on a full suspension mountain bike. Without question, this is our video of the week and…

Thrive from your Fears – 7 Practical Tips

0 Source: Jrm Llvr (Flickr Creative Commons) It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I discovered how much fun it could be to be a risk taker. As soon as I learnt how to get my two wheels off the ground I became addicted to the feeling of jumping, speeding and improving….

Boris bikes on London’s rooftops

0 Over the past few weeks, brilliant biking videos have just kept rolling in at SportPursuit HQ.  This week’s crazy cycling video features a fusion of top trials riders and freerunners showing off their skills around (and often above) the streets of London.  You might be wondering what makes this so remarkable.  Well, for starters,…

Impossible? World’s first triple backflip on a mountain bike

0 Following on from last week, the battle of the best biking videos continues at SportPursuit HQ.  This week’s mind-blowing mountain biking video comes courtesy of our resident graphic design guru, Gareth.  If you think landing a single backflip is hard, wait till you see a triple backflip executed (on a mountain bike nonetheless) flawlessly….

A video that all bike lovers can relate to

0 “Scientists call it a flow state, athletes might say in the zone, on a roll.  I don’t care what you call it, I just love to ride my bike” Love to go cycling?  Then this is the video for you. It can be frustratingly difficult to convey one’s passion and love for cycling effectively,…

Road biking like you’ve never seen before

0 With the Tour de France starting tomorrow in Leeds, the SportPursuit blog has had a great week celebrating all things cycling.  From the 8 greatest cycling documentaries ever made to our top picks to kit up for your next sportive, it’s fair to say that Tour de France fever is in full swing here….

Where to watch the Tour de France – our top tips

0 Source: Smudge 9000 (Flickr Creative Commons) With Tour de France fever building up at SportPursuit headquarters and all around the country, the biggest question for many cycling fans right now is where to watch this year’s Tour.  With the first three stages taking place in our hallowed homeland, there are many great options for…

Essential viewing: 8 greatest cycling documentaries ever made

0 Source: Anthony Cramp (Flickr Creative Commons) “It never gets easier, you just go faster” -Greg Lemond With the Tour de France rolling into town this weekend, there are few better times to put together a list of  essential cycling documentaries to watch. With the help of the SportPursuit community and some of our cycling-mad…

Team SportPursuit race around Street Velodrome in Ealing

0 Team SportPursuit on race day The sun was shining and the streets were packed as the SportPursuit StreetVelodrome Series rolled into Ealing this past Sunday. Naturally, Team SportPursuit were out in full force, racing (and occasionally crashing) around the pop-up Velodrome. Check out some of our snaps from Sunday’s event below.   Steve whips…

SportPursuit and StreetVelodrome hit the streets of Stevenage!

0 Last Sunday marked the first round of the SportPursuit StreetVelodrome Series. For a day, the streets of Sunny Stevenage were transformed into a pop-up velodrome where both pros and amateurs tested their cycling skills (and their nerves) as they raced around the track. Team SportPursuit were amongst the roves of cheering fans surrounding the…