Triathlon participation on the increase

Three disciplines, one event, one gruelling challenge.

The triathlon is an incredibly demanding event which challenges competitors to be strong in three separate sports. Namely Swimming, Cycling and Running, and distance in which you have to cover depends on the type of event you enter.

Participation has increased significantly in the past few years, with several events now taking place across the United Kingdom.

But why has its popularity suddenly increased? There are many reasons we could call upon, but in my view the downturn in the economy has resorted to people looking for alternative ways to get fit rather than the traditional methods, one of which was to spend hundreds of pounds on a gym membership.

Celebrity endorsement has also had an affect with F1 driver Jenson Button using triathlons as a method of training, and a way to maintain fitness during the annual summer break in motorsport. Richard Branson has also taken part in the London Triathlon with a number of other celebrities.

The three disciplines involved are also very easy to get into, and unlike a gymnasium membership, doesn’t cost an awful lot of money once you have the kit.

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Competitors preparing for event