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16th July – Back In The Saddle, Mojo Returned

Following a couple of prescribed weeks off I have resumed training. The resentment of having to drop out of IM UK has taken its toll and I have been desperately searching for my mojo. This is the second bout of runners knee I have had, the first one happened a couple of years ago during the Westmoreland Fell race. Fortunately this time around I have only been side lined for a few weeks, last time it was months. I have searched and searched for answers to the problem and the general consensus is that it is related to the IT Band although other theories exist that seem equally valid.
I have spent a lot of time on the roller (possibly the most painful bit of kit in the gym) and spent time on the vibration plate. My knee seems significantly better now although I have yet to put any run miles into it other than a short session on the sand dunes.
As mentioned earlier my big concern was lack of mojo – the excitement of becoming an Ironman and the subsequent withdrawal put me into a training mental depression. My diet suffered, training taken a back seat and more importantly I began to lack motivation to get back on the bike.
Having considered my next steps I decided I need a race to look forward to. Something that I could get competitive with. The gauntlet was thrown down to my arch rival Lee Smith and we are now entered into the Capenwray Olympic Distance triathlon in late August.
Although the focus was back I have still struggled with motivation. However, this week I had the opportunity to get a day in the lakes with friends cycling. This was just what the Doctor ordered. A small group of us cycled a hilly route from Ambleside out around Coniston (over some further lumpy hills) and ended up finishing over Wrynose Pass (not sure my legs thanked me for it after 70km in the saddle). Needless to say my mojo returned – what I needed was to start enjoying training again, getting out with friends and looking forward to future races rather than dwell on what might have been.
I am entered into the Adidas Thunder Run on the 27th and 28th July. Really looking forward to a weekend with the team and racing for my best friend’s charity. Should anyone be interested in sponsoring us or reading more about the charity please take a look at our Justgiving page.
Good luck to the rest of Team SportPursuit at IM UK, the clock is ticking – I am still keeping a keen eye on your training blogs.

24th June 2013 – An Early Bath For Mr Glover

Following all the excitement of joining the SportPursuit IM Bolton team, training volume increased significantly over the last two weeks. Training was going well up until last weekend. Saturday comprised of a 100km bike ride followed by Freckleton half marathon on Sunday. Saturday ride was superb my hydration and nutrition worked well and my training partner and I happily cycled around the Fylde coast talking IM (my training partner will be riding the cycle leg of the Outlaw as part of a relay team in a couple of weeks). The last 10k on the bike I did however suffer pain in my right foot which I have attributed to requiring new bike shoes (promptly purchased following the ride).

Thinking no more about my foot I dragged myself out of bed on Sunday morning to hydrate and fuel for the half marathon (I have to say I felt jaded after the ride on Saturday but was up for the race all the same).

By 2pm on Sunday afternoon my pills and potions had kicked in and I was ready to race. In my mind I was going to go nice and easy and treat it like a training run. Unfortunately as the race started “Competitive Chris” set off in race mode and after 10km I was on for a PB and felt fresh. However, 10 -15 km I could feel the pain in my right foot that I had experienced on the Saturday and the final parts of the race both my knee and foot felt destroyed and I was forced into a run walk.

I am not sure what occurred on the day; I expect the foot niggle altered my running gait which has brought on “runners knee” which I have suffered with in the past. My right foot was blistered badly and my knee pretty much locked. My doctors have advised against running for a at least a few weeks to allow my knee to settle down (last time I suffered with runners knee I was out for months).

This as the blog title suggests has sent me for and early bath, and I am unfortunately going to be unable to race at IM Bolton this year. This was a very difficult call to make. I was so excited about meeting the team, racing for SportPursuit and finally becoming an Ironman, however ultimately I feel the call to pull out was correct one.

This is by no means the end of my quest to become an Ironman I am pre-registered to race in 2014 and plan on structuring my training accordingly to achieve my goal.

I wish the rest of the team well on the big day and plan on being there on race day to give them some encouragement.




17th June 2013 – 47 Days Remaining


The only word to describe this Ironman training is relentless.
Training is going well although I am still suffering from cramp in the swim. More flexibility, more bananas and more swimming required.
My weekends are now taken up by long rides and long runs. Saturday I had an enjoyable ride with my good friend Marcus who is training for the bike leg of the outlaw. We managed to put 100 undulting KM on the legs around the Fylde coast. Only concern at the moment is a pain in my right foot at around 80km. I think I may need new cycling shoes – the finance department (/wife) will be happy.
Fathers day this year was slightly unusual. I had a longer than normal lie in (I am assuming the bike took more out of me than I thought). I dragged myself out of bed around 10am to start carb loading for the Freckleton half marathon. The Freckleton half marathon is the oldest half marathon in the UK and is rated as one of the top races in the country. In 2011 it was rated at number 15 in the UK, above the London Marathon.
Prior to joining Team SportPursuit I planned on trying to get a PB on the course. However, due to the volume of training my aspirations changed and the day was now to be used as a training run. Unfortunately as the starting pistol fired I moved into race mode and ran the first 10 quicker than I had originally intended. My foot pain from the long ride on Saturday started to cause me real issues and compromised my running. I suffered badly for the final 5km with a run, hobble walk approach.
A great race, very well supported although slightly marred with the foot problem. I have the worlds biggest blister today with the dodgy running style in the latter part of the race. I intend this week to stay off my bike and use the static bike and purchase some new shoes get my foot back into better shame for a long ride next weekend.
This training is run, my sun tan is coming along nicely although its bloody relentless…… I didn’t know I could be this tired its like having another new born in the house.


10th June 2013 – 54 Days Remaining


Well a week of mixed emotions.

I received the email last Monday asking if I would like to be part of Team SportPursuit at Ironman Bolton. I made a few phone calls to a) understand if I could possibly get around the course on 9 weeks training, and b) try to get someone to talk me out of it. Unfortunately nobody talked me out of it and my questions were answered with positivity and an air of trepidation. Lee Smith, a fellow triathlete (I beat him by two minutes in our last race – he would like this as part of my blog) explained what a great opportunity this would be. This was, however his cunning plan to get me to actually enter and as soon as I confirmed he spent all day putting the fear of god in me for the bike leg. Apparently from my house in Lytham St Annes if I cycle south I get to Wolverhampton or head north and the bike leg gets me to Lockerbie. Brilliant. Many thanks Mr Smith.

I have to admit I have been in some dark places in my mind this week and need to switch the negative energy to positive. Reading my friend’s blog – who is recovering from cancer – put things into perspective and that this should be treated as a journey with a short term goal. I should be thankful that I am well enough to take on this challenge.

Training went well Monday to Friday. Some decent work on the bike and some longer steady runs; unfortunately the swimming is a worry at the moment. I am cramping in my calf at about 2km. This is eating away at me as the swim should be the easy bit – I think I have read every forum known to man on calf cramp during swimming. I am now eating significantly more bananas and hydrating better and at lunch I managed a 2km swim with no sign of cramp, so fingers crossed.

Saturday and Sunday were supposed to be my long bike long run days, however I coach my son’s football team (The mighty AFC Blackpool) and they had a 2 day tournament. I managed to take my bike with me and did a few bike loops between games but nothing like the miles I had planned.

Apart from that a normal week for myself, other than being knocked over by a mobility scooter in Tesco on Friday evening. I think he was doing about 10mph when he rammed me into the Haribo’s. I wouldn’t have been happy if he had ended my Ironman quest before it even got started.

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