Ironman UK – Training Round-Up – Week 2


The past week was possibly the most ironic training week since records began. Being surrounded by bicycles 24/7, 10 days in a row, you’d think doing some training on one would come easy. Think again…

Still ‘on tour’ working at the Deloitte Ride Across Britain, the days have been long and tiring. Having to travel light means no bike or bike kit. This all means no bike training. Bike training is quite crucial to an Ironman campaign. What it’s meant is that I’ve had to improvise. Four of the Deloitte RAB overnight stops were at racecourses so I went for a gallop when time allowed. The runs were hard, firm in places…sorry.

In truth, most times after working around 12 hour days, I was simply too knackered to train. On Saturday I finally managed to locate a swimming pool in Launceston so while the rest of my colleagues watched rugby in the pub, I followed the black line. A crap swim is always better than no swim. Well, that’s at least what I told myself.

The huge positive I took from watching 500 odd absolutely knackered, rain-soaked riders cross the finish line at Land’s End yesterday was the inspiration. Witnessing first hand the raw emotion of the participants as they unclipped from their bikes has put the fire in my belly. One of the riders I got to know was using the Deloitte RAB as training for IMUK. As I pointed him in the direction of his well deserved medal, he gestured seven fingers.

7 weeks to go then…



The only word to describe this Ironman training is relentless.
Training is going well although I am still suffering from cramp in the swim. More flexibility, more bananas and more swimming required.
My weekends are now taken up by long rides and long runs. Saturday I had an enjoyable ride with my good friend Marcus who is training for the bike leg of the outlaw. We managed to put 100 undulting KM on the legs around the Fylde coast. Only concern at the moment is a pain in my right foot at around 80km. I think I may need new cycling shoes – the finance department (wife) will be happy.
Fathers day this year was slightly unusual. I had a longer than normal lie in (I am assuming the bike took more out of me than I thought). I dragged myself out of bed around 10am to start carb loading for the Freckleton half marathon. The Freckleton half marathon is the oldest half marathon in the UK and is rated as one of the top races in the country. In 2011 it was rated at number 15 in the UK, above the London Marathon.
Prior to joining the sports pursuit team I planned on trying to get a PB on the course. However, due to the volume of training my aspirations changed and the day was now to be used as a training run. Unfortunately as the starting pistol fired I moved into race mode and ran the first 10 quicker than I had originally intended. My foot pain from the long ride on Saturday started to cause me real issues and compromised my running. I suffered badly for the final 5km with a run, hobble walk approach.
A great race, very well supported although slightly marred with the foot problem. I have the worlds biggest blister today with the dodgy running style in the latter part of the race.
I intend this week to stay off my bike and use the static bike and purchase some new shoes get my foot back into better shame for a long ride next weekend.
This training is run, my sun tan is coming along nicely although its bloody relentless…… I didn’t know I could be this tired its like having another new born in the house.


I’ve been blessed with great weather here in the French Alps. Some amazing riding with over 600km cycling, 70km running and (only) 4km in the lakes over the last 7 days. Another action packed week planned with much the same. A few creaks in the knees but no major problems. Off to tackle Mont du Chat this afternoon which has the reputation of the hardest climb in France.


Another crazy week, but rather than talking about all my training – the highlight for me this week was my training race at Wimbleball!   Friday was amazing and I was getting so excited as i laid out all my kit in the hotel – this is my first triathlon using transition bags as I’ve done 2 sprints and 2 Olympics before now. Definitely a weekend to remember.

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