Ironman UK Training Diaries – Guy Williamson

All the latest from Team SportPursuit Ironman athlete Guy Williamson, as he prepares to take on the Ironman Bolton:




2nd July 2013 – 32 Days Remaining

So, Ironman UK training kicked off with the South Downs Trail Marathon. Not an easy way to ease into training but throw yourself in the deep end I always say. I was fine until about 18 miles and then the wheels came off and i really struggled to get up and down those hills to finish it off. If I wasn’t running with my good buddy who did the Marathon des Sables with me last year and who pushed me along, I probably would have called it a day at the 18 mile point. But we soldiered on and finished up in about 4hrs15. Not bad if you saw the hills that were involved.
The rest of my training so far has been doing British Military FItness in Hyde Park (Mon, Wed & Friday mornings before work). It’s an overall core training bootcamp style session which is great. I haven’t found anything better to keep up a good overall level of strength and fitness. Mix in a few spinning sessions in my gym, a few hour long swim sessions a couple of times a week  and a few long cycles and that’s about the extent of the training so far.
Will have to ramp up the mileage and training on both the bike and runs over the next few weeks for sure. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

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