The Kit List – September 14th

What you should be reading, watching and listening to. Plus our top gear picks this week.


An innovative use of recycled plastic has been unveiled in the Netherlands, where a pilot scheme has launched the first bike path made entirely of recycled plastics. Read more on Cyclist Magazine. Part running, part mountaineering, all incredible – skyrunning is a remarkable high-altitude pursuit that is building a following around iconic events like the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon. Read more on Sidetracked.


Powder lovers beware – Snow Locals has released a video that will have you booking flights to Japan to get a taste of the incredible snow and intriguing culture in no time. “7 Perfect Winter Days in Hokkaido” gives you a glimpse of the treasures that await in the legendary pow stash on Japan’s Northern island.


Next, a classic tale of adventure as a conduit for communicating, feeling, and bonding with people, regardless of generation. Funny, moving, and inspirational listening from The Dirtbag Diaries.


Snow is falling in the mountains, there’s a slight chill in the air, and a sense of excitement and anticipation has started to build. For everyone who loves to get out in the snow and make the mountains their playground, the ski season is almost here. Jump in early and grab some of our best pre-season deals.
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