RIP Jamie Pierre

Jamie Pierre (1973-2011)

Last week the skiing world lost one of it’s greatest patrons in the form of freeriding legend Jamie Pierre. Jamie died snowboarding in an avalanche in the Snowbird resort, Utah on Sunday and will be greatly missed by the family left behind and skiers everywhere. On this blog I will highlight some of Jamie’s greatest achievements as a skier and as a person.






THE Cliff drop – The 255-foot Cliff drop redrew the lines of what freeskiers thought possible. His moving words at the beginning of the full-length clip let you realise what a caring man Jamie Pierre was. Despite an inverted landing, the only injury sustained was a split lip from a shovel digging him out and he was able to ski powder turns out of the fall. It really is an unbelievable piece of video. (See it here)

His parts in Warren miller films – Warren Miller films simply would not be the same without him. Children of Winter and playground were only two of the Wyoming-born skiers, exceptional video parts. In a sport where the pinnacle is making incredible film sections, to say that Jamie’s were one of the best in every production he featured in is testament to his bravery and awesome skiing ability.

His charisma – Despite many people labeling him as a loose cannon or somebody who has no respect for the mountains, neither could be further from the truth. He knew that there were more important things to life than going big, and he lived by that philosophy by being a caring father and husband. Testament to his calculated methods was his near-perfect injury record before his death – when asked whether this was luck or planning he responded, “I might have had skiers thumb a few times…but who hasn’t”

His legendary photoshoots – Jamie has worked with pretty much every ski magazine in every country. He has skied in the USA, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Japan… to name but a few, and magazines from every continent clamour after him because they knew he would guarantee guts and quality – an unbeatable combination.