La Niña

This is not just the title of a ski film, La Nina is a freak occurrence that led to the West Coast of America getting heaps and heaps of snow last season, when the rest of the world looked wistfully at the paltry offering from the snow cannons. In Revelstoke, British Columbia, it snowed 46 inches in the space of 24 hours, which lead to film crews, punters and professional skiers flocking everywhere that was under the spell of ‘The Spanish Lady’.

La Nina (the opposite of weather phenomenon El Nino) occurs when there are unusually cold waters in the Equatorial pacific (between Peru and South-East Asian islands),which leads to extreme weather conditions, and not just in America.

One shouldn’t forget however, that although this is a skier’s paradise, it is also responsible for devastation in other areas of the world – the Australian floods for example.

This coming winter, there is strong evidence to suggest it will be a double-dipper, which means that La Nina is set to bring great snow conditions to the USA yet again.

So which resorts should we be heading to in order to reap the benefits? Accuweather’s severe weather expert thinks that the heavy snow will form towards the East Coast and the mid-West:

Wyoming will initially make you think of cattle ranches but their ski resorts are first class and uncrowded. In particular, Jackson Hole’s terrain has not only attracted the top skiers in the world but also one of the leading ski film companies, Teton Gravity Research. Finally, it is also home to one of the most well known expert ski runs in the world, Corbet’s Couloir. This narrow gully has been described as America’s scariest slope, and requires a 9-metre drop in order to access it. It is also ranked as no.4 on the ‘50 things a skier must do before you die!’ list.

Henry Margusity (of also believes that “The cold will be back in the Appalachians, and that will lead to heavy snow in that area.” The Appalachian Ski Mountain is small but perfectly maintained as you would expect in North America, and will definitely have enough off-piste terrain to keep you going for at least two weeks. If you fancy night skiing, the whole resort is skiable after dark, so why not go skiing for your après-ski!

Finally the East Coast is set to be struck by La Nina, so other than heading to New England purely for a white Christmas, what else can the snow bring for those willing to take a gamble? Vermont has to be the choice, and Sport Pursuit’s bet is Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont. This resort has over 750 acres of tree-lined fun, which means that in the snowstorms that La Nina will hopefully bring, you will have crystal clear visibility accompanied by waist-deep powder!

Do some exploring for yourself however and be rewarded, if you have a car then there is no reason not to tour some of the lesser-known resorts.