Give Skiing a go this winter!

With snow beginning to fall at various ski and snowboard resorts across the globe, now is the time when people are starting to contemplate whether they are going to embark on a late 2011 winter sports holiday.

Enthusiasts of skiing and snowboarding are quite literally spoilt for choice when choosing a specific area to visit, but for first timers who are undecided I would without doubt advise you to try it.

Admittedly I haven’t been skiing for a few years now but its one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done, and you don’t necessarily have to be good at it to enjoy it. The scenery you come across, the various shops and attractions around the resorts and areas to watch others speed down the slopes are a number of other ways you can relax and take in the experience.

For youngsters there are a number of ski schools you can join, and in the meantime adults can trudge off and perhaps try the more challenging pistes which they’re younger companions would be unable to face.

I first went when I was eleven years old and went to a resort called Flaine which is in the French Alps along with my dad and younger brother. Having only practised on a dry slope before this point I was understandably quite nervous and apprehensive about skiing on real snow as I was quite young and feared I would hurt myself quite drastically.

However after a couple of hours I really got into it, and with a lot of help from my ski instructor I took up the option to go again a couple of years later in Alpe D’Huez, which again is in the alps.

This venue is one of Europe’s premier ski locations, and due to my previous experience I was able to attack the steeper slopes and enjoy it that much more.

That was nearly eight years ago now but one day I would like to try it again as it provides a great release, enables you to relax and more often that not everything you need is within walking distance.

And for those who maybe do not have the kit needed, then never fear as Sport Pursuit can help you in this area. We house top class brands such as Armada, Bergans, Marmot, Ortovox and Westbeach, all of which contain excellent products at rock bottom prices.

So don’t miss out, get involved in our sales and head to the slopes looking the part.

Visitors getting to grips with the conditions in Flaine