Getting kitted out for this year’s ski season

The coming ski season looks like it will be a belter. Last year’s great snowfall is expected to continue this year, and there’s an abundance of exciting new lifts opening all over Europe – Alpe d’Huez, Courmayeur and Val d’Isère are just three of the resorts with new tech to get skiers and snowboarders up onto the slopes as quickly as possible, to enjoy what will hopefully be some powder-filled pistes.

There’s new lifts, great snow expected, and the après-ski should be as great ever, so really there’s only one thing missing from the bargain – new gear. Rest assured, there’s some funky clothing coming up on SportPursuit which will leave you standing out on the slopes for all the right reasons.

Take, for example this wonderful Eleven ski jacket complete with taped seams, top-of-the-range venting to ensure great air-flow and a premium ski experience, and fleece lining to make sure you’re always warm. Although this jacket has the qualities most people look for in a great ski-jacket – and the looks to boot – it’s priced very reasonably, and there’s a whole range of colourways available if the colouring isn’t quite to your taste.

On the women’s side of things, Eleven also have some great jackets. Although this lilac number is a particular favourite, the whole Eleven sale is especially good for the wide variety of high quality ski-wear on offer. One of the common problems when going through a skiwear line is that while the top items are equipped with powder skirts, adjustable hems and great water-proofing, the quality of products of some of the cheaper products is lacking. With Eleven, this isn’t a problem – just like the men’s jackets, the women’s jackets have a host of great features, like seamless lycra cuffs to stop the snow getting in.


Worn together, an Eleven jacket and pants ensures maximum comfort, as well as complete protection from the snow – and although it’s obvious if you stay warm on the slopes you’ll have more fun!



Another great sale on at the moment is for Bolle goggles and helmets. One of the strangest things skiers and snowboarders do is update their gear but use years-old googles which mist and steam up, causing vision problems and possible injury. The irony is that you can probably still have fun with a mediocre ski jacket – you just might get a bit wet and cold – but rubbish googles can ruin a day’s skiing, especially if the weather is bad!

Bolle goggles have no such problems – these graphite ones are a particular favourite because they sit well with the rest of my gear, but they also appeal as they’re the best price for Bolle goggles anywhere on the internet, offering great value for money. There’s really no excuse to not indulge in these or the great Bolle helmets which are also available.


Hopefully this has built your excitement to get out on the slopes this winter, it looks like it’s going to be a blinder!