Get Out of London: Morocco

With Covent garden heaving with people preparing for their skiing trip this year, Sport pursuit will go on a journey of its own this year, a quest to find you different countries to go and enjoy an alternative to the fun, yet tried and tested week in the alps. Today I have chosen the North African country of Morocco due to its plentiful offerings of cultural and sporting diversity.

The interactive map will act as your guide to some of the best spots to hit while there, no matter what your sport is.
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The Mountain biking in Morocco is plentiful and varied. The Atlas Mountains offer a playground for cyclists who want the dusty singletrack and cultural experience rolled into one. The pink coloured mountains of Jebel Sahro and the snowcapped peaks of the High Atlas make for an incredible and unforgettable contrast.


Many British surfers head to the surf camps of Morocco to gain access to the world-renowned surf camps on the Agadir coastline. The Agadir region of Morocco is an area that is famed for its quality year round weather patterns. The natural shelter, both on land and its coast, offers protection from the storm systems that hit northern Morocco and the rest of Europe during the winter months. Check out the map for some of the best spots.


People believe it or not ski in the Atlas Mountains too; Oukaimeden is North Africa’s largest ski resort and has seen photoshoots from some of the worlds leading magazines. The snow is reasonably reliable between mid-January and mid-February; you should probably bring your own equipment though!


Finally hiking is popular, especially when accompanied by the traditional mules. Toubkal national park is the place to do this. One of the best things about hiking with camels or mules is that you can go for as long as you want as their extraordinary strength means they can carry huge loads.