3 Reasons Why Canada Is The Mecca For Heli-Skiing

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Canada is world-famous for its skiing with resorts like Kicking Horse, Whistler and Revelstoke offering dry, light, fluffy powder found nowhere else in the world. But Canada is big on a scale that’s hard to imagine in Europe, so these resorts barely cover the vast expanse of mountain terrain that is actually available to ski across this giant nation. As a result, some heli-ski operators, (like Canadian Mountain Holidays), have started to look beyond ferrying resort-dwellers a few mountains over, and are now building remote, luxury mountain lodges within the private tenures in which they operate, offering – they claim – some of the best heli-skiing on the planet. Here are 3 reasons why Canada is the place to go:


1. Consistent Snowfall

Snowfall in Western Canada is some of the highest in the world with the Selkirk, Purcell and Rocky Mountain ranges receiving between 7-14 metres of snow every year. These interior mountain ranges produce cold, dry and light powder snow and consistently epic skiing. CMH’s heli skiing areas are found within these mountains and can expect 12-20 metres of snow annually! Early season, a deep, strong base is laid so by the time the heli-skiers arrive there is a stable snowpack with continuous fresh powder to enjoy. For every area of about 1-2 km2, there are no more than 40 heli-skiers, making it impossible for slopes to be skied out even if the snow dried up!


2. Vast Amounts Of Incredible Ski Terrain

CMH is the oldest and largest heli-ski operator in the world; they are the largest employer of mountain guides in the world and offer over 15,000 square kilometres of exclusive ski terrain. With the largest exclusive heli-ski tenure in the world, the heli skiing terrain is unique and diverse. The helicopters give skiers access to endless alpine runs leading to superbly spaced trees. Some areas have longer, gentler runs whereas others are famed for steep pitches and aggressive tree terrain. There is every kind of powder skiing possible from instructive programmes for heli-skiers learning to ski powder for the first time as well as Steep Camps for those seeking steep thrills.


3. Remote Lodge Accommodation

Lodging varies from area to area. Most are remote luxury lodges that require a helicopter to fly you into the area; others are town-based lodges perfect for those needing better connectivity to the office. Most lodges hold either 33 or 44 people skiing in groups of 11 but there are a few private areas for groups of 4 – 10. If you really want to treat yourself, CMH’s lodges offer boutique accommodation, outdoor Jacuzzis, games rooms and masseuses to help you relax; whilst all meals (expect 3 course dinners, steak, lobster, and all the best produce British Columbia has to offer) are provided by highly trained chefs.

If heli-skiing in Canada sounds like the perfect way to get your snow-fix this season, get in touch with Pure Powder; the UK’s off-piste and heli-skiing experts. With over 30 years of experience in heli-skiing, everywhere from Chile to Turkey, they are the perfect people to help plan and book your adventure.

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