Top Running Clothes for the Summer

Whether you’re out on a training run or you’re racing a marathon it’s important you feel comfortable in your running clothes no matter the weather. On the assumption that the heat is coming for at least a few days this year, why not prepare yourself so you can take advantage of those precious days.

Running Shoes

Starting with your feet, you want to firstly make sure that your trainers are lightweight, yet sturdy enough for the terrain you’re tackling. If you want to go really minimalist with your footwear, you could join the barefoot revolution and trial some ultralight shoes from VIVOBAREFOOT – which mimic the way you would run without shoes, and reducing heelstrike which is said to cause injury. Another lightweight idea for summer might be the Vibram FiveFingers running shoe, which come in a number of different styles and don’t weigh you down quite as much as a conventional trainer.

If you prefer to have a shoe with a bit more support and cushioning, then the K-Swiss Kwicky Blade-Light, awarded the Runner’s World Best Debut in the 2011 Spring Shoe Guide, offers responsiveness, cushioning and arch wrap which make the shoe feel supportive without being too chunky – ideal for summer running.

Running Socks

Moving up slightly and focusing on your socks – you need to make sure you’re not wearing 100% cotton socks during your runs. Your feet will sweat a lot, especially in the summer months and the cotton keeps the moisture trapped which can lead to blisters and athletes foot. There are plenty of special running socks on the market which are made of synthetic blends such as acrylic or CoolMax, which are ideal at wicking away the moisture.

We can particularly recommend wearing Icebreaker Merino Wool socks which work really well to absorb sweat, let the feet breathe and reduce oder. Keep an eye out on site for a sale to grab yourself a bargain!

Running Clothes

Try wearing light-coloured, loose-fitting running clothes, as this will help your body breathe and cool itself naturally.

Cotton holds the sweat and doesn’t dry quickly, so it’s best to look for technical clothing made from synthetic fabrics that let moisture out effectively and prevents chafing.

2XU has a range of running clothes which use Super Micro Denier yarns to ensure that the moisture is wicked away and mesh panels placed in key zones ensures you stay comfortable on the hottest days. Another brand that offers a range of technical running clothes is Skins, with a number of compression technical tops and shorts. Under Armour has tops which use revolutionary Coldblack technology which blocks the heat of the sun so you feel cooler when you run.

And of course, with it being the UK and a high possibility of showers when you run, a lightweight jacket is always a good idea. The Ronhill Advance Microlight Jacket is made from Ronhill’s Activelite fabric, which combines lightweight and breathability. It will keep you cool without weighing you down.


Wearing a good pair of shades when you run will help to protect your eyes from sun damage, as well as keeping the midges out when you’re running in the summer. They prevent you squinting and getting headaches. Two brands we’d recommend checking out would be Bolle and Uvex, both of which have a great variety for running.

The type of running clothes you wear will dictate how comfortable you feel, but don’t forget to take on enough water while running in the summer to prevent dehydration.