Ouch. And ouch again.

I knew it was going to be hard, but even so… running 13.1 miles has never been so awful. Yep, the Bristol Half has been and gone and I’ve only just recovered the use of my legs. I knew I hadn’t done enough training but I still sort of thought that I might be able to fall back on the fact I’ve done a few before. Sadly that wasn’t to be. For those that haven’t run this race before, the first 6 miles I found to be pretty depressing. You run out along the Portway and under the Clifton suspension bridge, passing all the other runners as they come back in to the city. It seems like forever before you get to run around the bend and start heading back in, knowing that you aren’t even half way! My knee held out a lot better than I thought it might, given the lack of training and sudden increase in mileage. I injured my ITB last year in my training for the Florence Marathon, due – I think – to a sudden increase in training. It did hurt but was mild compared to its heyday. But the weird thing was the complete lack of energy and oomph in my legs. They felt like lead for most of the route, and I just couldn’t keep up any kind of pace. I finished and I ran all the way, but that’s about all that can be said for it. I’m thinkg about entering the Salisbury Half just to avenge my terrible performance…


In other training news though, things are looking decidely exciting. I had one hell of conditioining weekend (inadvertently as it happens) helping a friend move house. Lugging and lifting boxes, sofas, beds and the like from house to van to storage certainly worked the upper body. The pulled ligament/muscle/tendon in my left foot was nowhere near as bad as it could have been – my parkour escapades in and out of the van had warmed my muscles up considerably, so when I leapt out of the van half on, half off the kerb it merely hurt rather than damaged my ankle. Grrr. That’s no excuse for my lack of running training, merely an aside.


I had an amazing time at my Total Wipeout audition – many were called, some were chosen. I was chuffed to bits to get through the 1 minute round. I really didn’t want to have driven all the way to Cardiff, with baritone sax in tow, only to be told to go home again. Thankfully the site of a shiny sax impressed the producers and I was allowed to stay. Following on from that was the ‘obstacle course’ – not difficult but the adrenalin was surging. I hadn’t managed my eating well that day at all, and by the time my name was called to hurl myself around I was starving and in need of a serious kick. The adrenalin gave that to me all right! The last part of the audition was a lovely chat to camera with a couple of the producers, after which I very cheerfully made my way to Bristol. I am now even more cheerful as I have received an email confirming that I have been shortlisted. By no means am I going to Argentina, but at least it’s a possibility and not just a dream. Oh yeah!


In amongst all of this I’m trying to work out when I can feasibly take myself off to the Netherlands for a weekend of hardcore training with the FFC in Amsertdam. Do I go before I’m possibly called to head to South America and potentially risk injury, or do I wait but then not get the benefit of the training? I’m looking forward to starting up my MMA training again with Strike & Submit in a few weeks, and I’ve still got to keep up my running for the Rat Race in a couple of weeks. And, having watched many many episodes of Total Wipeout, I reckon some serious work is to be done on my upper body strength. I think work is going to have to be cancelled for the autumn, what do you think??