8 up & coming iPhone apps for preparing for your first 5k run!

With the longer and sunnier days sweeping across the UK, it’s no coincidence that there’s been an increase in runners on the roads and in the parks.  If this summer marks your first time training for a 5K or organised race, this list of 8 up & coming iPhone apps for preparing for your first 5k run will help you along your way.  If you’re a seasoned running vet with plenty of miles under your belt, you might also find some apps in this list to help break down the monotony and build up the pace when you’re out on the trail!

1. C25K


What better place to start than the C25k app built specifically for people who are just taking up running.  This app will help you develop from alternating between walking and running to being able to a complete a full 5k.  C25K is an outlined 8 week long plan that is easy to follow.


2. Zombies, Run!


Find running a tad bit boring?  Zombies, Run! is both a running game and audio adventure.  Not many things will make you want to run quicker than having a zombie on your toes.  Each run you go on becomes a mission and you earn supplies along your way.  Get fit, escape zombies and be a hero.



With its clean and simple design, PUMATRAC helps you get more from your run.  The app detects your location and shows you routes that you can run in your local area.  It also offers a voice feedback feature to give you updates (at chosen intervals) on your performance during your run.


4. Fooducate

If you have ever heard the phrase that all calories and not equal, this is the app that proves it.  Fooducate helps you choose healthy and tasty foods to help fuel your training runs.  It teaches how to eat for health and fuel the body with a focus on quality rather than quantity.  App features include the ability to scan barcodes of foods and see their nutritional grades.


5. Cruise Control

Get ready to rock your run!  Cruise Control is like having a personal DJ in your pocket matching your very own soundtrack to the ups, downs and changes during your run.  Cruise Control pulls music that is already on your iPhone and adjusts your music to your pace.


6. Moves

Moves is an activity diary of your life.  It automatically records your walking, running and cycling, presenting your stats in a visually appealing interface.  All you have to do is carry your phone with you.  Moves offers an easy, effortless way to keep track of your daily activity levels.


7. Dark Sky

As we all unfortunately know, British weather is temperamental.  Dark Sky is a weather app with a difference, focusing on hyperlocal weather forecasting and small time increments.  It lets you know if it’s going to rain within the next hour so you don’t have to worry about ‘surprise’ showers when you’re out on your run.


8. Instant Heart Rate

Check your heart rate before, during and after your run with this innovative app.  Your heart rate is measured from the tip of your index finger which you place over your iPhone’s camera.  This is a similar technique to those used in pulse oximeters.

SportPursuit readers/runners, are there any other apps that you think deserve the recognition?  Let us know in the comments below!