Dig out your Running Clothes: Why Running is one of the Best Exercises Around

If you’re looking for a new exercise or training practice to incorporate into your schedule or are trying out exercising for the first time in a long time, look no further than the humble run. Don your running clothes, get out on the pavement and begin your journey towards a fitter, healthier you. Running is statistically the most beneficial and worthwhile exercise you can do and that’s a fact. Here’s a closer look at exactly what working running into your regime can do for your body and lifestyle.


Calorie Burn

Once you’re all set, kitted out in the most performance enhancing running clothes available, from your K-Swiss running shoes to your Vapourlite Ronhill tee, you can begin to feel the benefits of your exercise. For the calorie burn, running tops all the tables. Even running at a leisurely 10 minute mile pace, you could burn up to 700 calories an hour.

Heart Health

Running affects the four main causes of heart disease by:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing diabetes risk
  • Raising HDL Cholesterol (known as ‘the good cholesterol’)
  • Helping to shed excess body fat

These four factors combined have a significant impact on the health of your heart.

Lighten the Mood

Initially, when you first pull on your trainers and other running clothes, you’re bound to feel anxious and stressed, it takes time to get into the rhythm of things. However, over time, research suggests that running long-term can increase your resilience to stress and even depression.

Protect your Bones

By working on your muscles and bones on a regular basis through your running routine, you are keeping them stimulated. This means you can keep your bones in a healthier condition for longer, especially as you enter old age and can avoid conditions such as osteoporosis.

Fight Disease

Like all regular exercise, running can help reduce the risk of strokes and breast cancer. Doctors have also been known to prescribe moderate exercise including running to those considered at high risk of diabetes and hypertension. Running maintains artery elasticity and this combined with lowering your blood pressure, you’ll be in prime condition to avoid many serious diseases.

If you’re looking for a new exercise to work into your lifestyle, look no further. Running has so many benefits for your body and your mind; it makes perfect sense to give it a go. Starting slowly is no issue as you can work at your own pace and all the benefits are still applicable if you’re sprinting or jogging. Go on, dig out your running clothes and give it a go.