British runner aiming for 1,000 marathons

The thought of training, taking part and finishing a marathon is enough to make anyone feel a bit queasy. To run 26.2 miles is a tremendous feat, and takes an awful lot of time and preparation in order to complete it.

Now imagine completing 700 of them….that’s right, 700!

One man from Breaston has achieved exactly that in the past few days after crossing the line at the 28.2 mile Druid Challenge in five hours on Saturday. Rory Coleman, now 49 years old, began running in 1994 after deciding to give up alcohol and cigarettes. His change of lifestyle has led him to complete over 21,000 miles since beginning his journey after running a variety of events across the globe.

He explained why he had chosen to take up the sport:

“I was an overweight, 40-a-day cigarette smoking alcoholic,” he said.

“I realised that I had to change the way I approached life and decided that it was time to stop looking for happiness in drink and cigarettes.”

Mr Coleman has run the London Marathon 13 times, the New York City event three times and the Robin Hood Marathon, in Nottingham, 14 times.

Mr Coleman has also completed the Marathon des Sables, often referred to as the world’s toughest foot race, eight times and set nine Guinness World Records for running on a treadmill.

His achievements are unlikely to stop there either as the 49-year-old has set himself a new record…to run 1,000 marathons!

It does go to prove that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and I get the feeling that Rory’s name will crop up on news feeds more than just a couple of times in the next few years.

If that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is.

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