Walking Boots: Brands that Combine Value and Quality

Choosing the right walking boots for your sporting endeavours is essential to ensure you get the most out of your past time, whether you’re a regular hiker, or someone who only indulges occasionally. The important thing to remember with choosing your boots is that value and quality can be combined and value doesn’t always have to mean cheap. At SportPursuit, we offer a full range of winning outdoors brands at prices you’ll scarcely believe but the quality remains of upmost importance to us at all times, to ensure we offer you products that can help you perform to the best of your ability. Here’s a closer look at two of the brands we consider amongst the most successful in combining top quality with great value.

Haglöfs Walking Boots

The largest supplier of outdoor equipment in Scandinavia, the Haglöfs brand is one that commands respect and has over ninety years of history behind it. When you consider the tempestuous climates in the Scandinavian region, you can be sure that Haglöfs walking boots are not only harshly tested against the wildest climbs but also the wide product range means every product is purpose designed.

Haglöfs produce trekking, hiking and off-road boot ranges, all of which are designed with various pursuits in mind. The hardened trekker, would opt for one of the trekking range, which have been developed to withstand long and severe weather conditions, the hiking range is designed for good protection against all elements and the off-road rang is more varied, offering lighter, stable walking boots and shoes for the recreational walker or hiker. The depth of the range and consideration of a wide market and the differences needed by different enthusiasts, leads us to believe that Haglöfs put quality at the heart of all their products.

Patagonia Walking Boots

The Patagonia brand is one of our favourites, with a sterling product range which ensures comfort and performance in all their products. Hard-wearing and precision designed; walking boots designed by this company are amongst the finest you’ll find. A full range of styles and options including both standard boots and the more popular, casual walking shoe, the range covers ever possible walking past time. All products provide superb stability with some even resistant to wading conditions for the more extreme pursuit lovers out there.

The quality of the Patagonia range cannot be questioned as durability and stability are at the core of all boots available. Whether you’re a serious hiking enthusiast or enjoy leisurely walks in the mountains, a product from this range will ensure your feet are well protected, comfortable and remain so in any untoward weather conditions.

Good value doesn’t always have to mean budget and when walking and hiking are your hobbies, and starting with the right pair of walking boots is essential. With these brands, you can’t go far wrong.