4 British hills your walking boots really want to climb

“These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…” Your walking boots want to walk! And they will love it even more if the walk is a challenging, interesting trek with some breathtaking scenery thrown in. Here are four British hills your boots will love.

image source: Audrey Masson

Brent Knoll Hill Fort

One of the best walks in the South West is Brent Knoll hill fort. Standing almost 500m above sea level it offers the most amazing views of the Somerset Levels, Quantock, Porlock and Mendip hills. There are two routes up the hill, each taking about half an hour each way.  Car parking is available at the bottom in the field.

This hill is quite challenging and steep at the top. Steps are provided but if you can wear good stout walking boots this will help support your ankles. A good brand to consider are AKU who provide a wide range of high quality mountain boots. They offer a technically advanced ‘Custom Global Fit’ system which gives high levels of breathability, cushioning, comfort and protection.

Gog Magog hills

Ok, the East of England isn’t exactly known for its hills, more for its miles of endless flat land. But honestly, there are some gradients there resembling more than flat pancakes. The enchantingly-named Gog Magog hills, or just ‘The Gogs”, near Cambridge are a mere 234ft  above sea level but offer spectacular views from the top. Great for dogs, children, and those just wanting a stroll , with free parking thrown in, they are just waiting to be climbed!

Yorkshire Dales

How can we have an article about hills without including the legendary Yorkshire Dales? Offering some of the most magnificent hills in England which, although not the highest, are surely hard to beat in terms  of character and charm.  Ingleborough (2,373 ft) and Penyghent (2,277 ft) are two of the most popular. There are also another 38 hills above 2,000 feet in the National Park waiting to be climbed. Fancy a walking holiday there? A short camping trip with a challenge? It really is one of those ‘must visit’ UK places . So what are you waiting for? Grab those walking boots and book that trip!

Mount Snowdon

This mountain is not an easy stroll. There is lots of steep terrain and the walk will take you around 6 hours to complete. However, don’t be put off.  There are 6 separate walking routes and a cafe at the top and thousands of people walk to the top each year. For this challenging walk you should certainly consider strong walking boots. Carn are an outstanding British outdoor footwear specialist who offer the very latest in footwear technology and a wide range of boots. Failing that, if it’s all too much for your feet you can always take the Sherpa bus!

Why hill walking in walking boots?

You need more reasons apart from the fantastic views? Remember that walking up hills is very healthy activity. Here are some of the benefits:

  • tones leg muscles
  • burns more fat and calories than walking on the flat
  • improves your cardiovascular fitness in a low impact way

These are only a handful of the many hills you can climb in the UK. With all these added benefits, and being completely free, the only way is up!