Winter Golfing – What are the options?

A beautiful sunny afternoon made me quit work and head down to the driving range. The fabulous autumn setting with its red and auburn patchwork quilt left me anxious to enjoy the fading afternoon sun.   Our driving range still has enough nice grass areas left to create a perfect divot as the ball rips off the centre of the club.

Winter golf seems pretty good on days like this, but soon the weather will break and it will be a very different story.  For many it is time to pack away the clubs, giving them only a rare appearance before the sun and the golf season swing back into action in March.  However, myself and the other golf fanatics will be out there stacking in the training to give us a fighting chance next season against our local peers and Southern European friends who can play out the winter in warmer climes.  So what are our options if you want to hit the ground running when the tournaments start again in March next year?

  • Rounds, rounds, rounds: Find a courses with wintergreens and whenever you can get out of the course.  There is nothing better than being out on the course.
  • Hit the Driving Range: Now is the time to work on your swing for real. Now you can integrate new techniques and afford to make mistakes.  The worst that happens now is that you shank it off the tee on the driving range rather than taking three of the tee in a competition.  Our golf team will start to train this month using two video boxes. These really allow you to understand your game in a new way and are fantastically motivational.
  • Short Game: It sounds silly but grab your putter whenever you get chance.  Putting at home on the carpet or juggling the ball on the putter.  Anything that enhances your feel will help improve your short game and save you shots.
  • Gym Time: There is no better time to get in the gym and focus on stretching and toning. Getting yourself in the right physical shape will work wonders for your game helping you hit the ball smoother and more consistently.

Whatever the weather there is plenty you can do to enhance your game over the winter and ensure you start next season where you left off this season.