Tips to improve your Golf Swing

Though wintertime is the time to work on major flaws in the swing I will devote this article to the setup. The setup is the key to a stable swing. When you get things in the basics wrong it makes it a lot harder to hit the ball straight. In the summertime some pros let their pupils only work on the setup in between tournaments. At the Sporthochschule Köln some researchers found out that 95% of the mistakes are due to the wrong setup. Working on the setup is an easy way to improve your swing; it is also a very good way to prevent mistakes. So, Setup first, then work on the swing.

No matter what your swing looks like and no matter how different the swings are. The setup is always the same. There are no two ways to go about the setup. Though setups may look different, the technique is equal. You can even prevent injuries with the correct setup.

So here are a few points to consider:

Address:weight 50/50 left and right; dynamic bodyposition; legs stiff and loose at the same time; upper body slightly bend; straight back

Hands: the only contact with the club; lift the club with the left hand- feel the weight and the balance; the two v’s formed by the thumb and the index point to the right shoulder

Swing: address – straight line from shoulders over the knees to the middle of the feet; back swing – shaft parallel to the chosen line to the target and weight 70% right and 30% left ;  follow through – transfer onto the right knee, explosion direction target and weight 10% right 90% left

Routine: choose a line to the target, address, aline the club with the target and imagine the ballflight

Get this right and everything else will flow.