Kitting up for winter golf

Now, as the golf season comes to a close (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) golfing attire has to make a significant shift.  Every round at this time of year involves far more preparation, particularly on the clothing side. You either battle the cold, where one of those slightly off-sweetspot-shot vibrates through your entire body, or brave the rain.  Whichever it is you need the right winter kit.

So, does the wrong clothing just make it less fun or does it actually significantly impact performance?  Well, as Corey Pavin put it at the 2010 Ryder Cup “We were disappointed with the performance of them [Sun Mountain waterproofs] and we just fixed it. They were not doing what we wanted them to do, so we went out and bought some more waterproofs.”   And when he said they just went out to buy some waterproofs, he wasn’t joking, as the team nipped to the Ryder Cup “shop” and stocked up on their Ryder Cup branded waterproofs!!  Now, Corey Pavin didn’t go as far as blaming their kit for the US 13½ to 14½ defeat to Europe but it wouldn’t have taken much to swing the tie.

Given this you may have thought that Sun Mountain would be well and truly off the US team approved suppliers kit list, but no, Fred Couples has decided to give Sun Mountain a second chance.  He has chosen their rain clothes again for his U.S.-team for the Presidents Cup 2011 in Melbourne. Giving Sun Mountain’s rain clothes a second chance could mean a second chance for the U.S. team to strive for victory after narrowly losing the Ryder Cup, or maybe this is the wrong decision and the clothes again will lead to defeat.

We will see how the US-boys do when it’s raining in Melbourne. Maybe in the end we are all good to climb Sun Mountain.