Back in effect

Enduring a period of dire Golf shows true caracter. Not playing up to your own expectations and potential can be devastating, but there is nothing you can do really. Going out on the driving range regularly may not help, reading Golf books can be superfluous and changing trainer still leaves you back at the drawing board. So what if everthing fails and the snap hook keeps returning. The only thing you can do is be patient and keep up the moral. Telling yourself “Golf is such a great sport” and “even though I play badly momentarily I enjoy the nice scenery and the fresh air” may cross your mind. It really can be bugging you to the point where you think it is time to quit, throw your sticks in the corner and take up tennis.

It is one of the things you can be absolutely sure about, but in reality I have never met someone who put their clubs aside due to a few terrible rounds. So there is a very high chance that any period of dire Golf comes to an end eventually.

If you need a role model, the pro scene is littered with example of people who have lost and refound form.  Recently, Sergio Garcia who played off form for three years not winning a single event, but who is now right back on track with two successive victories. He won the Castello Masters on his home course last week and took the cup at the Andalusia Masters this weekend in Valderama, ahead of his compatriot Miguel Angel Jimenez. So the sympathetic Spaniard, who was praised for his exceptional talent, has now returned to the Golfing limelight. Other great examples include Lee Westwood who shot from 80th in the world ranking and made it to number one or Luke Donald.

The when and how of getting back the edge is another thing. For now, if you are just heading back to the tee to reload after losing another ball in the trees, bear in mind that your form will come back, so keep your head held high and relax.