TweedLove Bike Festival – 10 Days, 1 Valley (And A Whole Lot Of Bike Love)

As we’re sure many of you agree, cycling on your own just isn’t quite the same as heading out with a group of friends. Whether you’re tearing up trails, or ruling the road, when you can do it with a few other people the ride is just that little bit better; so we were delighted to stumble across the TweedLove bike festival a few weeks ago!

Whether you’re a cross-country aficionado, a roadie looking for some great hilly roads, or even a budding cycle-photographer; TweedLove’s got you covered! Held in the Tweed Valley, about 30 miles south of Edinburgh, TweedLove is a huge celebration of all things cycling, open to all riders regardless of age or discipline. Spread over ten days this year, the whole valley comes alive with riders from across the UK; taking part in over 30 different bike-related events.

A few of us here in SPHQ have already signed up for a couple of rides over the course of the festival; and we can’t wait to get up there and see what it’s all about! With most of the rides either free or £10/entry, why not have a quick look through the event listing and see what’s got us buzzing!

First organised by Neil Dalgleish & Emma Guy back in 2010, TweedLove 2013 will be the fourth time the festival is run; and they’ve just received confirmation that next year Tweedlove will become one of the Scotland Homecoming 2014 events; so you can expect to hear more and more about this great bike gathering in the years to come!

TweedLove 2013 runs from Friday 24th May – Sunday 2nd June, and all events can be entered here. For more information, see the TweedLove website (or just watch the great roundup below from last year’s event)…