The Kit List – September 28th

What you should be reading, watching and listening to. Plus our top gear picks this week.


Alex Honnold is both an inspirational and problematic figure in climbing. Technically accomplished, a remarkable performance athlete, he is also most well known for incredibly risky “free soloing” ascents climbing alone without any ropes. Outdoor Magazine reflects on the emotional stakes and our strange position as an audience watching these attempts, in their review of a new documentary on Honnold. Read More. One of the joys of travelling by bicycle is the unique perspective you gain – wheeling over hills and through quiet villages it often feels like you are being offered a hidden peek into a different world. For Cyclist Magazine‘s Trevor Ward this feeling was inescapable on his “Tour de Brexit” – a stunning ride criss-crossing the geographical and political borders of Ireland.  Read More.


Trail running season is here in full swing. Autumn leaves, soft earth underfoot and a crisp, cool feeling in the air – many runners take this opportunity to escape their regular pavement pounding and head for the hills, forests, and mountains. Salomon TV shows how even in China, a place most people associate with busy urban spaces, people are discovering the joy and freedom of getting out to the trails. Find your own trail with our latest sale of Salomon Running and Hiking Shoes!


For an amazing, terrifying, and fascinating weekend listen check out The Sharp End – a show about the dangers and experiences that arise from outdoor pursuits. Whether you are a climber, skier, mountaineer, or any other outdoor enthusiast, chances are at some point in your life you will face one of these moments. It’s an important reminder of the risks we take but also lessons we can learn from tough situations. Start with a great episode from their archive – Avalanche.


You can tell winter is on the way – the changing leaves, cooler temps, and shorter days. Don’t let the darkness take away your favourite pursuits. We’ve discovered Luma, a great brand creating headgear with integrated lighting that really performs and helps you take back the night. Check out their range and enjoy those after-hours miles!
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