SportPursuit & Cyclebeat: The Blogger Spin-Off

Earlier this week, certain members of SportPursuit HQ decided it was high time the office got out together for some group exercise; and ever ones to share our love of sport, we decided to invite some of our favourite bloggers and writers along to local spinning club – Cyclebeat – for our inaugural SportPursuit Spin-Off!

A nervous meet and greet kicked off the evening; everyone slightly unsure what the session ahead would bring! Cyclebeat’s unique proposition – and what makes it so devilishly fun – is their Beatboard: a live scoring system at the front of the class, ensuring everyone in the studio knows where you stand, and allowing direct competition between you and your rivals! With this in mind, we put a couple of challenges forward to the class – There would be Men’s and Women’s overall winners, along with a Men’s and Women’s Sprint race half-way through the class.

After a friendly introduction from Cyclebeat’s Greg and our Bryn, everyone got their bikes set up and started a gentle warm-up (no point wasting energy too soon!) – before long it was time to go!

If you’re a fan of spinning, and have never tried the scoring system before, we seriously urge you to give it a go! It may take away from the traditional spinning philosophy of ‘challenging yourself’, but it is guaranteed to up your fitness levels (and heart-rate)! Everyone got really into the game, with several groups breaking away and battling for position on the hillclimbs!

40 minutes (and a lot of sweat later), and it was time to ease off, stretch off, and chill out. Back outside, and with the ice broken by the opening lines “Where did you place?”, and it was great to get people chatting about the session, their sport, and what they think of SportPursuit and our story.

Shower-time, and back on the trains home, and a great evening came to an end. A huge thank you both to Cyclebeat for putting on the session, as well as to everyone who came along.

An extra shout-out to the top-finishers; Ben Turner and Paul Kenny for the men, and Lucie Custance and Style Dynamo’s Becs in the womens’ – fantastic effort guys!

Spinning isn’t renowned for its photogenic nature, but we brought a camera anyway – scroll down for all of our images from the evening: