Introducing: Cyclebeat…and the Beatboard.

Last weekend our Marketing Director Bryn headed to the novel Cyclebeat indoor cycling studio just by London Bridge, to try his hand at their great new approach to spinning classes.

Indoor Cycling is Cyclebeat’s thing, and they do it well. Open to beginners and experts alike; their twist to the tried and tested spinning bike is the screen sat front and centre in the class – displaying your performance in real-time to the whole class – The Beatboard.

The Beatboard is an opt-in scheme for members at Cyclebeat, but they recommend you try it at least once when you first join – the ability to compare times with your friends adding some competition, but also encouraging you to push yourself a little harder each week; after all nobody wants to be bottom on the board!

Cyclebeat also make a big thing of the music their instructors – and therefore, you – workout to. Everyone is different; whilst some of us like exercising to high bpm and thumping dance beats, others might prefer heavy rock or dubstep. Because of this, every instructor has a profile online, where you can see the music they’re planning to play in class this week (we’re loving Anthony’s right now) – and even sample their playlists. Furthermore, if you can think of a great track your instructor would enjoy, you can send them a playlist request and have it added to the class track listing!

We think Cyclebeat have a great approach to fitness – Bryn’s been going on about his session all week – and with a £30/30 day trial offer currently available, now’s an excellent time to get indoors and spin to the Beat!

p.s. If you fancy taking on Bryn’s score in the first session; here’s what you’re shooting for:

Spot: 30
Avg RPM: 86
High RPM: 129
Avg Power: 210
High Power: 358
Total Energy: 505.1
Distance: 17.3
Estimated Calories:. 667
Duration: 45 min

Good luck!