GWR Team – the next generation of under 23 riders

This time of year is an exciting time for a cycling team full of optimism and motivation to start racing. The majority of the winter base endurance miles are done, starting to do more interesting high intensity intervals, the team kit and bikes are starting to arrive from sponsors. You can almost smell the leg balm of the pre ritual warm up to the road races, and if your lucky your also about to head off to the sun for a training camp.

For the GWR Team we have the extra excitement of starting our development process all over again with the next generation of under 23 riders. Last year the teams objective of developing riders to race in Europe at the highest level, reached fruition. With one of our riders Doug Dewey winning the national under 23 Time Trial champion, and three of our riders signing with our partners in Belgium ‘Terra Footwear – Bicycle Line’. This will see them racing full time against the big names in pro cycling. Keep an eye out for the names of Dave Sinclair, Doug Dewey, Llewellyn Kinch – they have the potential to get some big results in Belgium this year.

Doug Dewey national Under 23 Time Trial champion.

So for 2012 we have signed our new riders with an average age of 18, and we are currently writing their training programme for the winter training camp in Alicante. This will be very important camp as it will be the last opportunity before the racing season kicks off for our new riders to train hard together. The training will include include plenty of race simulation efforts. This is to fine tune and be ready physically and mentally to start the racing season.

Map and profile of cycling course in S. Spain
One of the planned routes for the GWR Team during their winter training camp.

The race programme will be split between racing in the biggest races in the UK and racing with ‘Terra Footwear – Bicycle Line’ in Belgium. Racing in the UK has come along way in the last three years, but to get the real experience required to develop riders you still have to spend a lot of time racing on the continent. It is also the results on the continent which count for signing that elusive contract.

So hopefully this first blog has given you an introduction into what the GWR Team are about and where we are going. The next blog will come from our under 23 riders experience of the training camp in Spain. Follow us on Facebook to check out photos of the team, and join us in the journey of developing our next generation of riders: