Future of Cycling looks positive

If there’s one Olympic sport that has progressed at a rate quicker than any other, one of the strongest candidates would have to be Cycling.

Great Britain claimed eight Gold medals at the 2008 games in Beijing, with Chris Hoy bagging three for himself and the BBC Sports Personality of the Year to go with them.

Bradley Wiggins and Jason Kenny were also multiple medallists three years ago, and their efforts along with other team members and work behind the scenes has increased the popularity and participation of Cycling no end.

More and more people now use it as a means of getting fit, and as a result of this the Triathlon has seen a surge of competitors applying to take part.

Successes in the Tour de France has also helped, with Mark Cavendish earlier in the year winning the Maillot Vert, a secondary contest within the tour which is considered a sprinters’ competition, and the Englishman is the only person to have won the last three stages of the tour three times on the trot.

Focus now of course is now turning to 2012 where hopeful British fans will flock to the Velodrome in London to support their heroes, and hopefully witness more Olympic history. However the cyclists in question still have plenty of work to do, and they’ll be dedicating themselves to relentless training to ensure no stone is unturned in their quest for glory.

To become a champion requires a number of characteristics, including an immense amount of stamina, technique and impressive strength in the legs to extract the highest possible speeds. The smallest of margins can be the difference between winning and losing, making the choice of equipment absolutely vital to gain an advantage.

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