Cycling Clothing: Finding the Balance between Performance and Comfort

Whether you’re a leisure cyclist, an enthusiastic amateur or in training for an endurance race or marathon, you need to ensure you have the correct cycling clothing to get the most from your body and your bike. Finding the balance between performance and comfort is essential to reaching your personal goals, whether they are recreational or competition based. Here’s a closer look at some essentials you should consider.

The clothing you wear whilst cycling has a huge impact upon both your performance and comfort. Choosing the right cycling clothing for the climate, your particular reason for cycling and many other considerations need to be factored in before making the decision on the items you might need.

cycling clothing with performance and comfort
The search for Cycling Clothing with performance and comfort
The search for Cycling Clothing with performance and comfort

Depending on your preferences there is a large number of cycling clothing you could consider. If you’re in training for one of the summer’s big stage races such as the Tour de France or the Giro d’Italia then you can probably discount the need for a cycling jacket, although training throughout winter should make up part of your practice if you’re taking it seriously.

Cycling Legwear

Cycling shorts should be considered an essential in your pack, with many brands providing a wide range of quality, high performance products including Pearl Izumi (currently on site at up to 73% off) who offer a wide range of ergonomically designed shorts, including multipurpose designs for different terrains and climates. Other legwear options you should definitely consider include thermal tights, essential for cold weather pursuits and protection and wet weather over-trousers, to ensure you can continue on even the dampest days.

There is also the option of Bib Shorts and Bib Tights which combine the essential legwear you require with a bibbed top, ideal for warmer climates and popular ranges are available from both Skins and 2XU who provide products with performance enhancement at the forefront of their design.
Cycling Tops

You may need a range of different cycling clothing for your upper body, again, dependent on the climate. As the very least you’ll need basic cycling shirts and vests, with compression designs popular currently. A Polyester-Spandex mix is particularly effective in ensuring comfort is of upmost priority without hampering performance and again Pearl Izumi offer a wide range of tops which fit the bill, as well as a further enhanced range of light weather jackets and thermal jerseys, which adapt to the climate you’re racing or training in.
Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves should be top of your equipment list, after your helmet. Providing protection from cold weather, a well-designed pair of gloves will also protect your hands against potential injury if you were to fall or be knocked off your bike. Essential for long distance cyclists, gloves protect against friction burns, chafing and other uncomfortable, distracting niggles.
Whether cycling is a simply leisure pursuit or a dedicated hobby, you should give some time to choosing the correct cycling clothing for your favourite past time and at SportPursuit we provide a range of high quality options for you to choose from, with new sales being added all the time.