Castelli Cycling: An Unfair Advantage

Castelli’s rather charming tagline is “an unfair advantage.” With over 130 years of history, this Italian company has chalked up some impressive “firsts” in cycling clothing, including the first Lycra shorts used in racing and sold to the public, the first sublimation printed jerseys, the first synthetic winter clothing, the first use of windproof membranes, the first anatomic seatpad, and the first hydrophilic fabric treatments. The modern bib short, wicking fabric treatments and radiating insulation are all Castelli innovations.

The company has been at the forefront of practically every innovation in cycling clothing, with one of its most recent developments being the ultra-close-fitting “body paint” range – Currently on site at up to 40% off.

Castelli’s designers work with the Garmin-Cervelo professional race squad (whose kit they supply) to develop and test their products. This is a brand for serious cyclists who want to achieve top speeds in style and comfort.

Castelli’s range is enormous. It includes shorts, jerseys, speedsuits, warmers, gloves, shoes, socks, caps, jackets and wind vests. Here are just two examples that demonstrate Castelli’s unique combination of sleek design and technological innovation:

  • The Aero 3.1 jersey. Describing it as a skinsuit of a jersey because of its ultra tight fit, Castelli claims that this jersey will save 10 watt compared to a regular jersey, which translates into a minute over 40 kilometres going at 40kmp. As if that weren’t enough, this jersey is also more comfortable than a traditional skinsuit top, thanks to Castelli’s Velocity fabric, which is ultra-thin and breathes and stretches well.
  • The 2.0 BodyPaint bib short. This garment was produced with input from the Garmin-Cervelo race team. With its smooth fit (it is made from a single piece of fabric and practically seamless) and aero dimples, this is the most aerodynamic bib short on the market.


Whichever high-end brand of cycling clothing you decide to go for, you can be confident that it will be money well-spent. The attention to detail and the technological innovation that go into designing top-of-the-range cycling apparel ensure that you’ll feel the benefit both in terms of your level of athletic performance and comfort, not to mention stylishness.