Bespoked Bristol

Who made your bicycle?

This weekend just past, Bristol hosted the 2013 UK Handmade Bicycle Show, known as Bespoked Bristol. Promoting the international talents of independent bicycle makers and designers, there was an amazing array of ideas and craftsmanship on display; so we sent Chris over to check it out.

Said Chris:

“Bespoked Bristol is a must for anyone with a fetish for bikes – it was true, wheeled, love. The weekend consists of a congregation of some of the world’s finest frame builders displaying their work (really more pieces of art) all under one roof. With a wide selection of frame materials being used – from wood to steel to carbon, and a hand-built beauty for every cycle-discipline imaginable, it would be hard not to
find a new crush at this show.”

You can find the full collection of images from the show here, with Chris’ highlights below:



Donhou 100MPH bike (Complete with a 104 tooth chainring. How do you even start this!?)


Loop Wheels (They looked like something from Tron)

Pegoretti (Desperately want to be part of their legacy with these incredible frames)


Low points

Leaving empty handed! =(

The show’s over now, but if you like anything you see in the album, you can see the full exhibitor list here, and get started on your very own custom bike!