A beginner’s guide to cycling clothing

You’ve seen them, right?  Lycra-clad cycling clothing and aerodynamic super-ergonomic lightweight bikes these speed demons seem to whizz up a hill without breaking a sweat.

Putting Bradley Wiggins and the other Tour de France competitors aside for one moment, to the beginner cyclist all this streamlined extravagance can be a little overwhelming – especially if you’re not sure you can pull off the skin-tight look right away.

The good news is that help is on hand for us mere mortals whose past experience of cycling involves being pushed down a hill by a proud dad, whilst still sporting stabilisers.

There are a number of great brands out there which offer comfortable cycling clothing, without breaking the bank, or your confidence. Many of which you’ll see on our site from time to time!


So as well as bib suits – basically an all-in-one cycling shorts/vest affair that looks a little like a mankini, 2XU has your more familiar looking cycling shorts and tops which offer comfort, while making you look pretty convincing on your bike. Their cycling clothing uses microfibre fabric technology and even if you aren’t cycling that fast, you’ll definitely look the part!


Okay, don’t panic, but you’re going to need some proper cycling shoes if you’ve got yourself a decent bike. This means no grubby Hi-tec trainers that you’ve dug out of the attic. You really need a pair of shoes that will make sure you’re feet don’t slide off the pedals, and BONT has a range of cycling shoes which will leave you spoilt for choice, and who doesn’t love buying a new pair of shoes?


The clue’s in the name with this one – we are talking skin tight stuff – but don’t let that put you off. Skins offers a whole host of kit with compression in mind – it makes you streamlined, and helps with general performance. The tight stuff prevents drag and gives you that Tour de France racing look. But you can ease yourself in, throwing a wind jacket or vest over the top of your tight vest might just make you feel a little more comfortable.


If you’re serious about cycling then you’ve heard about Pearl Izumi, so this is one to remember when you’re talking to the professionals. The great thing is you can move slightly more away from the skintight look if you’re looking to buy any Pearl Izumi gear. With such a huge range of shorts, bibs, jackets, vests and anything else cycling-related – then this may be the one to start with if you’re hoping to ease yourself in to it.


So after all this shopping for cycling clothing, I suppose all that’s left to do is to tell you to get on your bike!



By Jessica Shirling