Five Action Sport Athletes Who Make Your Monday Average

With the cold weather sweeping back into the UK over the weekend; we’ve been sat dreaming about the outdoors again…and tied in with the release of another teaser for upcoming tribute documentary ‘McConkey’; here’s a few videos showing men and women who make the most of it. Here’s to Spring.

1.) Shane McConkey

Shane’s death in a tragic accident early in 2009 was felt hard by many skiers around the world who had grown up with this immensely talented Canadian as their idol. 4 years on, Red Bull have created a tribute documentary to the the ski-racer turned BASE jumper who many consider one of the greatest alternative sportsmen of the last 50 years.


2.) Andy Lewis

Andy is considered the leading proponent of the ‘slacklife’ movement – the name given to those who hold slacklining (a reinterpretation of tightrope walking) as central to their way of life. On top of being one of the world’s best slackliners, Andy is a University Valedictorian and expert BASE jumper. Awe-inspiring and always on the edge.


3.) Michelle Parker

Michelle is a 25 year-old professional skier from California. Currently skiing for the Mountain Hardwear team, in the off-season she keeps busy with mountain biking, hiking, climbing & yoga…not exactly what you’d call a sedentary individual!


4.) Kirt Voreis

At 38 years old, Kirt has been part of the action sport scene for the best part of 2 decades. Starting as a professional skateboarder aged 15, he started mountain biking in 1994 after a back-injury, and was sponsored to compete in the World Cup Downhill circuit just a couple of years later – and 17 years later is still on the world tour, now riding for Specialized and Clif Bar. Spare time activities include snowboarding, kayaking and skateboarding with kids from the local community as part of his AllRide program.


5.) Travis Pastrana

Widely regarded as the ultimate all-around sportsperson of the 21st century; Dainese-sponsored Travis has won championships and gold medals in events ranging from supercross, motorcross and rally racing, as well as being talented in a range of other sports such as mountain biking, bmx, skateboarding, BASE jumping and surfing. After a near-fatal accident aged 14; he required six blood transfusions and was left in a wheelchair for 3 months. Despite this he was regularly found performing wheelies in his chair around the hospital and therapy rooms. An unstoppable inspiration to a whole generation of action sport athletes and fans…and don’t watch his notorious skydive without a parachute without a strong stomach…


 Doug Stidolph 2012