In A Different Light: Notorious Drug Cheats – The Before & After

After the revelation this week that both Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell – once both strong proponents of ‘clean’ competition – had been caught out in drugs testing earlier this year, we’ve pulled together quotes from some of the world’s most famous athletes, both before and after they were caught doping. Ironic and humourous, it’s just another reason why we champion the everyday athlete over the elite!

Infographic on athletes using drugs or doping, and their quotes from before and after. The road to athletic riches and glory can be a murky one when drugs and doping enter the picture. This week's revelations and a century of doping history makes one thing clear - you can't trust everything you read.   The lesson? Whilst elite sport has been tarnished, sport itself has not. Sport at its purest level remains the same.  For us, sport is less about the elite athlete & more about the everyday athletes.  Doping schmoping, we'll still be heading out this weekend!

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