How to become a morning person in 8 steps


Source – Riley Kaminer (Flickr Creative Commons)

Becoming a morning person is pretty difficult if it doesn’t come naturally. At SportPursuit, we try and get up nice and early, but it’s easier said than done as the difference between being a morning person and a night owl can often come down to genetics. It’s all too easy to waste the early hours in bed and get stuck in a rut of late nights making it hard to rise and shine.


1. Go to bed at a reasonable hour

Average Tuesday night

Now, we’re not saying you should become a social recluse and avoid having any late nights, but with most things in life, moderation is pretty key. How are you going to be up with the birds if you’re not getting enough sleep? It’s easy to get into a routine of pointlessly late nights and difficult early mornings, so break the cycle and invest in a good amount of sleep to ensure you’re ready for that early start.


2. You snooze, you lose – don’t hit the snooze button

Tough love

Ahh the good old snooze button. A reliable companion giving you those extra minutes of sleep that seem to make so much sense at the time. Unfortunately, that snooze button is going to have to be disabled if you want to become a respectable morning person. No real good can come from getting an extra two minutes sleep and snooze buttons make it even harder to get out of bed thanks to the false sense of security that they place you in.

How many times have you or a colleague been late because the snooze button was hit one too many times? We’re not sure if the phrase, ‘you snooze, you lose’ originated from someone’s hatred for snooze buttons, but it seems perfectly reasonable, right?


3. Motivation – think of the benefits of an early morning


One thing’s for sure, there’s more to be gained from an early morning than a lazy sleep in no matter how tempting the latter might be.  Not only is mother nature often at her very best in the early hours, it’s also a perfect time to fit in your favourite outdoor activity before work. There’s no better feeling than getting into work and knowing you’ve already done your daily workout. Becoming a morning person could also mean less frustrating commutes as there’s less people up and about!


4. Get into a routine

Healthy variety

Getting into an early morning routine will make your transition into a morning person so much easier. Your body will get used to certain hours and before long you’ll find getting up early a walk in the park provided you follow tips 1,2 and 3 of course.


5. Have a good breakfast

Don’t play with your food

Getting the right food inside you at the start of the day is a lot more important than most people think. Although regarded as the ‘most important meal’ of the day, breakfast is often overlooked by over sleepers in particular. Try and get a healthy breakfast on board to kick-start your day in style and give you a much-needed energy boost.


6. Sleep well

Too many all nighters

You can follow our tips to the letter, but more often than not being able to get up easily in the early hours will usually depend on how well you’ve actually slept. Try and give yourself every chance of catching some excellent Z’s by following a few micro-steps. Try and avoid caffeine for up to six hours before you go to sleep as it can stay in your system for that long and keep you awake. Also, nobody likes having their sleep disturbed so try and ensure external noises aren’t going to bother you.


7. Engage your brain

Use it or lose it

It’s usually quite easy to spot someone who isn’t a morning person. For example, an early morning commute will often sort the early birds from the night owls as you look around the train carriage and see what looks like a scene from the living dead. To avoid becoming one of the dead behind the eyes, I’m still half asleep look, read a book or play some games on your smartphones to keep your brain ticking over


8. Stay active


The aches and pains that come with sporting activities may actually make you want to cling onto your pillow more than ever, but try and stay active to keep your body feeling fit. If your body feels good, it shouldn’t have too many problems waking up early and attacking another day with you. There is actually such a thing as too much sleep which will make you feel lethargic and lazier than ever.  Try and avoid this by getting eight hours of good sleep a night.

Former non-morning people of SportPursuit, what are your best tips for becoming an early riser?  Leave a comment below!