The Base Layer Rewoolution

Like every sports person nowadays I love base layers.  10 years ago I would just have thrown on a scraggy old T-shirt to go hiking; now I get out the merino wool.  My first base layers were a long sleeved Icebreaker and a Smartwool jumper to keep me warm on a trip down to Patagonia.  The reason I chose them was simple – I could layer them up and their customers raved about them with comments like “I love my Icebreaker top. I’ve haven’t washed it in 4 weeks and it still doesn’t smell”.  Awesome, no more washing.

But with baselayers, despite their superhuman self-cleaning properties one is never enough.  In fact I must have at least 6, urmmm, maybe more.  Why?  Because they are so versatile, great for trekking, cycling, running, or just wearing about town.  And better still, when done well they can look pretty stylish.  My most recent purchase is right up there on the style stakes, Rewoolution [who I had never heard of until I met them at a trade show in Germany], are the epitome of style – combining Italian styling, suit making heritage, premium fabrics and a love of sport.  My top was a short sleeved 140 gsm top in Navy.  The top fits well, hugging the figure; it has a natural sheen like a Savile Row suit and feels great against your skin.  According to the Rewoolution website this is because “Rewoolution stems from an encounter between Biella’s textile tradition (Biella is a town in Northern Italy with a long textile history) and CompACT³ technological innovation, making it possible to produce a thin fibre (17.7 micron), with a compact structure, high strength and very limited hairiness”.  So to you and me, its soft and strong.

When I asked the guys around the office what they thought, the responses were very positive

  • “Great design, wicks really well and comfy, although neck line is a little tight”
  • “I wore mine solidly between Saturday and Tuesday, it was so nice. I think I might buy another couple!”

The full Rewoolution range offers a great collection for both men and women, consisting of leggings, short and long sleeved tops of various weights, half zip tops as well as the obligatory hats, gloves and neck warmers to deal with those Alpine winters.  The colour range is simple but appealing, letting the fit and material do the talking.

All in all, we like Rewoolution a lot, and are hoping to be able to get some of it on our site soon so we don’t have to keep buying it abroad.