SportPursuit @ OutDoor Friedrichschafen 2013 – Seven Discoveries To Watch Out For

Last week our team of kit experts flew out to Friedrichschafen, Germany, to explore the OutDoor Show hosted there every year. Whilst out hunting for the hottest new brands to bring to you, we asked them to pick some of the lesser-known brands that they thought were producing the sort of kit we love here at SportPursuit – innovative, functional, and accessible to the everyday athlete.

Below we’ve compiled their favourites from the show (keep an eye out and you never know where you might see them):



Ross picks: Boreas

“Super clean designs with only the key features. Not cluttered with straps and gadgets. The brand has focused on what matters. No nonsense functionality, high quality fabrics and overall slick looking designs.

It’s pretty clear from spending time trying on the packs at the show that the designers had a HUGE amount of knowledge, passion and desire to bring the best products to the market. Then check out the back story for the brand and voila ..they are all super skilled designers with years of experience. Boreas definitely brings a new generation of pack to the market.”




Andy picks: Devold

“My favourite brand was Devold – Merino out of Norway, super comfortable and in colours we don’t see a lot of here in the UK. This brand has been around for over 160 years and is the oldest manufacturer of knitted garments in Norway. Having tried one of their shirts myself, it’s easiest one of the most comfortable merino garments I’ve ever worn. This is a brand that has a mountain of history behind it and a story to tell their customers as well as selling amazing product!”

Gilad picks: Revolution & 3rd Rock

“I have a couple: Revolution, which is a bouldering company that was founded by a Turkish/German engineer that developed a new polymer composition for holds and finger boards, so it is not abrasive (with finger boards you can lose a lot of skin while training), and that guy is specifically producing a product for us that we will feature in a month or so.”

“The second brand is 3rd Rock – an Israeli/British bouldering and climbing apparel company, with a great product and tons of enthusiasm. They have a really nice story, and I’m sure we’ll see more of them soon…”


Andrew picks: Pajak

“I love discovering new brands and Pajak are a Polish brand I had never heard of until we came across their stand and started looking at some of their down sleeping bags & jackets. As we looked more closely, we found that their products were really lightweight and warm. My favourite part was that they had clearly been well thought out with the user at the heart of their design – something that became very apparent with the incredibly versatile backpacks we came across afterwards.”



Blake picks: MontBell & Red Fox

“MontBell – an outdoor gear brand from Japan.  Technologically streets ahead when it comes to lightweight and technical climbing, camping and mountain equipment.  Blows the old-school German brands out of the water – fast and light wins every time for me.”


“Red Fox – Russian expedition and mountain gear.  Stylish and super functional, this is kit born of the experiences of the world class, pioneering climbers who founded the brand.  With an inspiring history and superb kit you can soon expect to see it regularly on mountainsides the world over.”