Sherpa Adventure Gear: tread lightly on the Earth

Sherpa is adventure gear with a purpose. Their vision is to inspire lives of adventure, exploring new lands and opening minds through learning. Their outdoor clothing is uniquely inspired by the Himalayan environment and the communities that call it home.

Sherpa Adventure Gear was founded in May 2003 by Tashi Sherpa, as a living memorial to the unsung heroes of Mt. Everest. Inspired by the spiritual lifestyle and rich culture of Nepal, where the locals greet newcomers with an open mind, joyful heart, and humble soul. Woven into every garment are small touches of the Himalayas, the rich heritage of the time-honoured beliefs and humility. From their Prayer Flag zipper pulls to their prints and trims based on ancient carvings and patterns.

Sherpa is deeply committed to giving back to the culture and community of Nepal. Every item you buy funds a school day for a child in Nepal. When you wear Sherpa Adventure Gear, you’re helping to teach a child and create opportunity for a new generation. Shop the Sherpa collection now on SportPursuit.