POC: the perfect balance of performance and protection

POC are on a mission to protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one. They are continually innovating, building equipment dedicated to keeping you safe while you enjoy your sport. Discover the POC cycle range on SportPursuit – Best Price Guaranteed on world-leading helmets, sunglasses and more. ⁠

POC applies a rigorous scientific development and has established two scientific forums, POC Lab and WATTS Lab, to bring together some of the finest minds in research, medicine and safety to advise on new research and trends. Inspired by its mission and scientific approach, POC has built a reputation for breaking with convention, exploring new ideas and innovating to improve protection for all.

Creating products forged in safety and innovation is at the heart of POCs approach, be it for an elite athlete, weekend skiers or a daily bike commuter. It’s an approach that has led to over 60 international safety, design and innovation awards, including the prestigious bike industry ‘Brand of the Year’ award. POC enables cyclists of all levels to get out safely and create new adventures.