Fight off the weather this Christmas with the Sport Pursuit sales!

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have realised that the temperatures outside are decreasing by the day, and the amount of layers I have to wear are increasing at a similar rate.

We are approaching the very heart of the winter season now, and we all remember the freezing temperatures which resulted in downpours of snow in 2010 which brought some areas of the country to a complete stand still.

And of course to go with that are the various colds and flu’s that do the rounds at work or in the schools, and one way to prevent you, or indeed your child, feeling `under the weather` as it were is to cover up well and ensure you stay warm when on your travels.

Right now at Sport Pursuit we have a sale including Men’s and Women’s Jackets within the Gelert range, all of which are waterproof and designed to keep the heat in to ensure your body temperature doesn’t fall lower than what it should be.

Within them are some top class properties which increase their appeal, and they’re ideal for use all year round rather than just the winter months too.

Should you miss the sale, we have another one coming up in the Columbia range which will involve similar items including fleeces, jackets and hoodies. Some of which will be 60% cheaper than the Recommended Retail Price! A bargain if I say so myself.

Get logged on now and take a closer look for yourself!