#fridayslacker Win a Gibbon Slackline from SportPursuit!


To celebrate our sale on Gibbon Slacklines, we’re giving away 2 Gibbon Travel Lines to some lucky members of the SportPursuit community.  

Just hit the tweet button at the top or bottom of this post to enter!

So what exactly is slacklining?  Often compared to tightrope walking, slacklining is the art/discipline of walking over a dynamic, stretching and bouncing line between two fixed points.  Advanced slackliners or ‘slackers’ often incorporate tricks and acrobatics as they walk across the line.  What began as an activity amongst a small contingent of climbers has seen a spike in popularity over recent years.  Slacklining is recognised as a great way to work on one’s stabilisation, balance and agility.  It doesn’t hurt that ‘slacking’ is also a fun way to spend an afternoon with some friends.

California-based Gibbon Slacklines are regarded by many as a pioneer in the slacklining world.  By totally removing the complexity and mechanical understanding needed to set up a slackline, Gibbon have made slacklining easily accessible for everybody.  With Gibbon’s easier to use systems, all you need is two anchor points and a Gibbon Slackline to get going.  If you’ve got two trees or two posts, you’re good to go.  With its wider webbing than the average slackline, the Gibbon Travel Line is a great starter slackline.  The Gibbon Travel Line gives you 15 metres length to slackline with.  Our resident pro slacker (and Antic Slacklining ambassador) Jake advises to start walking over a distance of around 7 metres.  You can work your way up as you build your skills and confidence.

Sounds like fun eh?   If you want to be in with a chance to win a Gibbon Travel Line, it’s quick, simple and easy to enter.  This competition isn’t called #fridayslacker for no good reason.  Just hit the tweet button at the top or bottom of this post to share over Twitter.  We will announce the winners on Monday.

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